Why are we doing this?

Unless we who are non-Indigenous undertake to turn over the rocks in our colonial garden, we will never achieve what we claim to want so badly— to transform and reconcile our relationship with Indigenous people. Rather we will remain benevolent peacemakers, colonizer-perpetrators bearing the false gift of a cheap and meaningless reconciliation that costs us so little and Indigenous people so much. But what if we were to offer the gift of humility as we come to the work of truth telling and reconciliation? Bearing this gift would entail working through our own discomfort and vulnerability, opening ourselves to the kind of experiential learning that engages our whole being— our heads, our hearts, our spirits.

Paulette Regan, Unsettling the Settler Within


From the Heart will offer a riveting demonstration of how settler Canadians of all ages and cultures can find common ground as they work together to deepen their understanding about First Nations, Métis, and Inuit experiences in this country and then, through the arts, engage others in public dialogue about what they discover. This is a pilot program that will result in a comprehensive resource model book designed to help communities throughout the country use arts-based participatory research as a way for Canadians to take active responsibility for building better relationships with Aboriginal people. While the project is an expression by non-Indigenous people about our responsibilities, we are being mindful to undertake this work in close association with local First Nations community members as advisers and co-facilitators.