The Labyrinth Designers

Two internationally acclaimed architects, Mark Lakeman and Mar Ricketts, are co-designing the labyrinth in consultation with project participants.

Mark Lakeman’s visionary community-based design aesthetic has inspired communities across North America by demonstrating how architectural and urban design choices can play an active role in promoting people’s connections with one another and with the natural world.

 Images from Portland’s City Repair, co-founded by Mark Lakeman

“Transform Space into Place”: a short video about Mark’s work


Mar Ricketts is the founder of GuildWorks, an architectural design firm that creates dynamic, inspiring, and beautiful architectural fabric installations for a variety of settings, reconfiguring traditional expectations of place through unconventional architecture.

GuildWorks website


 As members of our artistic team, Mark and Mar will bring their architectural and engineering knowledge to theatrical scenic design in an Immersion Theatre labyrinth that is both aesthetically astonishing and inspires heartfelt community engagement. Audience members will walk through small spaces, alcoves and rooms in a beautifully crafted space, encountering stories, scenes and songs along the way.