White River to Sudbury

We board an early morning train from White River to Sudbury in the company of a group of fisherman who get dropped off en route at what must be a good spot along the river. Kelty initiates a movement activity in the aisles of the train based on writings she has gathered from us in response to the prompts: “what happened?” and “what did you see?” As usual, Ange has prepared a feast of groceries for us to snack on. More conversations. We pull into the Sudbury Ontario station and are greeted by the folks of Myths and Mirrors Theatre company who give us gifts and welcome us. More formal greetings inside and smudging and songs. I remain continually amazed at the experience of  hearing 30 people, Native and non-Native, introduce themselves one after the other by identifying the territory on which they live and what treaty governs it. It makes a difference in my own consciousness of my place in the world when instead of saying I’m from Victoria, I say I was born on Willamette and Multnomah territory in what is now called Portland Oregon. For the past ten years I have been a guest on unceded Coast Salish Territory in the city of Victoria.

This is an overnight stop only. The group will return for a more extended stay with Myths and Mirrors next week. The next morning we hop in rented cars and drive to North Bay, home of Annimatagze theatre in Nipissing Territory.

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